Hello! Welcome to our story of Liliyum! It all began when we sisters’- Kavida and Sangeetha decided to follow a dream! Being the foodies that we are has a big role in transforming the dream into a pursuit! Our professional lives took us to different cities, pursuing different careers; but the love for food and a joint pursuit of the dream remained: A cafe patisserie where the personal becomes the personality and where little moments of life become celebrations to remember.

liliyum patisserie - women entrepreneurship

With one of us being a speciality pastry chef and the other being great with managing and coordination, we had our minds and hearts set. Moving the families to the same city and getting them on board and be partners in our dream was the next big plan. our dream resonated with them as well!

That accomplished; we were zipping across Bengalooru to find a place and set shop. Having had a trial run before we set ourselves, we have had the most humbling and exciting experiences. We have been able to personalize and be a part of some really wonderful celebrations for everyone who have ordered from us. For us, it has never been just about the baking, but baking as we would for family, and this is the philosophy we carry as we head one step closer to our dream. It also made us realize that Liliyum isn’t just a dream but also an emotion and passion that reflects in everything we create in our kitchen for you.

We hope you enjoy what we bring to the table as much as we enjoy making them for you! Enjoy the little yum moments with Liliyum!

Kavida & Sangeetha.

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