Easter Egg Chocolates

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The egg has naturally been a symbol of rebirth and fertility for many centuries in many cultures. Eggs were painted with bright colours to celebrate the sunlight of spring. Craftsmen made artificial eggs of silver and gold, ivory or porcelain, often inlaid with jewels – often used as gifts between royalties and the elite. The history of Easter egg chocolates has come from there. The oldest tradition is to use dyed and painted chicken eggs, but the modern custom is to substitute it with chocolate eggs...

We at Liliyum want to celebrate this Easter tradition and have created a delectable collection of decorated Easter egg chocolates that are just so beautiful and fun to eat and gift around. Made using Belgian chocolate (dark, milk and white) these chocolates come in various colors and flavours. From Raspberry and hazelnut to pina colada. These assorted boxes of Easter egg chocolates are a perfect gift to be shared this Easter season with friends and family. These are hand crafted and made only for Easter, so remember to book these early on the website for yourself, and for your family and friends..

You can talk to us and place orders in advance if you want to customise your Easter eggs in any way or give it away as gifts to your loved ones. These chocolate Easter eggs are beautiful, fun, delicious, and full of history. You will not go wrong when you lock-in on these chocolate Easter eggs as a gift to your friends or family who is celebrating Easter.

Order your chocolate Easter Eggs today:

On the Liliyum website you can order for this delightful and pretty chocolate Easter eggs easily and without any hassle. We deliver across Bangalore and do same day deliveries to most localities. You can also talk to us in case you need any customised chocolate Easter eggs made. We are sure you will not hesitate to rate this amongst the best chocolate Easter eggs in Bangalore! So, go ahead and order your classic chocolate Easter eggs online today...

Why order the chocolate Easter eggs and other products online from Liliyum?

When you order your Chocolate Easter eggs, cookies, chocolate cakes, fruit-based cakes, cupcakes or gift hampers from Liliyum, you can be assured of the freshness because the product is made only after the order is received. Please remember to place your orders in advance to get timely deliveries.. Other than vanilla we do not use any artificial flavours, preservatives or chemical additives in any of the products and are made in a safe and hygienic way. You have the convenience to fix the delivery slot for your orders and our inhouse team of delivery associates will be handing over the product directly to you. We use the best ingredients like the best brand of food grade colours, frozen whole berries and fruit compotes from Europe, and Belgian chocolates. We use fresh fruits wherever and whenever possible – as per seasonality. Expect for materials that we cannot produce ourselves like the Vanilla extract, or Cocoa powder, among others - we prepare all the ingredients in our kitchen itself to ensure that all our cakes, cupcakes, chocolates and other baked products taste exactly as expected. To ensure that our customers receive fresh, soft and moist cakes and cupcakes, we start the baking process only some hours before the scheduled delivery.

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