This  Diwali gift hamper is a bundle of joy contained in a magnificent magenta box, capturing the spirit of Light’s victory over darkness and Hope over Despair and embodying the flame, passion and love that this festival stands for in the form of a Diwali chocolate box.

Inside this luxury Diwali hamper, find an array of

  • Six (6) chocolate truffles (white chocolate ganache, covered in rose petals; milk chocolate with pistachio, and dark chocolate with roasted almonds)

  • One (1) slab of dry fruit dark chocolate Brownie
  • Mixed berry compote (a thick, tangy and sugary stew of whole strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries to make the perfect topping for cookies, ice cream, yoghourt and so much more)
  • Eight (8) pieces of buttery Belgian chocolate walnut fudges

  • Eight (8) pieces of buttery Vanilla fudges

  • One (1) premium scented Candle
  • Two (2) hand painted designer Diya

It’s the perfect Diwali gift basket to light up your loved one's hearts and taste buds during this beautiful festival of lights. 

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