Ombre Pastel Rainbow Cake

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Double the trouble comes to you in the decadent form with this pastel ombre rainbow cake with two tiers of colours and fun. A promising sign indeed, this pastel rainbow cake is as scrumptious as it is vibrant.

A simplistic, artistic and minimalistic design,  this pastel rainbow birthday cake for kids is two tiers of treats. An original take on rainbows, this blue, green, pink and purple tinted pastry comes embellished with silver pearls, fluffy clouds and a whole lot of love.

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Minimum preparation time 24hrs-48hrs. 


Pastel Rainbow Ombre Cake

The artistic symbolism of this pastel colour rainbow cake is that of every colour of a beautiful sky, be it at sunrise or sunset, here we’ve attempted to capture the breathtaking beauty of the great beyond from dusk to dawn in the most delicious form.

With minimal ornamentation, this pastel colour cake brings vibrant hues to the forefront as colours are highly significant to children in developing their visualisation and memory-related cues. 

A rainbow is a sign of a renewed promise, its colourful and vibrant nature and is often seen as one of nature’s most magical and ethereal phenomena, representing hope, good fortune and inclusivity in diversity, everything one may hope to encompass in a rainbow unicorn birthday cake for kids design. 

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