Pineapple Cake - Seasonal Fruit Gateaux

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Pineapple in a cake is an absolutely fantastic idea. This pineapple cake is made of light and airy vanilla sponge cake, layered with fresh pineapple bits and fresh cream - that has again been blended with pineapple. The pineapple cake is then decorated with cream swirls, dark chocolate ornaments, and pineapple bits. This cake with fresh pineapple is a perfect match as a pineapple birthday cake.

This Pineapple flavour cake looks simple yet supremely elegant and tastes divine. Light, airy and tropical, enjoy this fresh fruit pineapple cake while the season lasts. Everyone will love this pineapple cake - for occasions big or small. No colour, preservative, or artificial essence (except vanilla) is used in this Pineapple cake.

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